Russian Snowy Winter to Boost Sales of Shovels

According to the largest Russian operator of fiscal data, a snowy winter resulted in a boost of demand for shovels and snow blowing equipment.

The analyst compared the amount of sales during four days of this week (January 11-14) and that during the same period last week (January 4-7).

The average shovel purchase value was USD 5.80 – 17 percent higher than that last week. The purchase rate increased by 51 percent during a single week. As for the motor equipment (snow pushers), the average purchase value has boomed by 8 percent (up to USD 15.30), and the purchase rate has increased by 38 percent. Snow blowers set a record for the purchase rate which has increased by 148 percent for the said category of goods. As for their average purchase value, it turned to be 11 percent higher (USD 318.40).